Locally owned, locally sourced and BAKES in less than two minutes - how pizza should be.


Mercury Pizza Co.  is utilizing pizza making methods dated back to the 16th Century, when the first pizzas were made in the streets of Naples. The end result is a perfect contrast of textures and flavors, the crust is crisp and gold with a soft tender chew, topped with simple sauces and fresh toppings.

The heartbeat of Mercury Pizza a traditional, Italian brick fire oven, cooking these pies in 90 seconds at 900 degrees. The dough is made in house and perfected to cook in the high temperatures of the unique, natural convection of the brick oven. Atop the dough, Mercury pizza offers a curated array of toppings, influenced by both pizza classics and our rich, Southern heritage that surrounds us. Whether you are looking to have a classic pizza like the NY Cheese or Margherita, Mercury pizza can blow your mind with any pizza on their menu for $8.00 or less.



(601) 336-8302


M-Th 10:30a–9p
F-Sa 10:30a–10p
Su 10:30a–9p


 6481 HWY 98 W

(Connected to the Exxon Station at the intersection of HWY 98W and Old HWY 11)